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3   Project List      
5   Listed below are some of the more significant projects we have worked on recently and will give you an idea of  
6   what we can do for you.  
9   Multiple Lease Calculation Tool - Sach & Co (Investment Bankers)      
10   This tool enabled the client to maximise profit potential whilst meeting their clients criteria. Through VBA coding  
11   leases could be easily added or excluded from the portfolio at the click of a button. Profit & Loss and Cash Flow  
12   reports are instantly available by individual lease and portfolio level. All parameters such as interest rate,   
13   time period, payment period and holiday period are catered for. Involved the use of Excel financial functions  
14   such as FV, NPV IRR etc  
16   Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning System - RAF Strike Command (Defence)      
17   A comprehensive suite of workbooks that extract data from Oracle 11i into workbooks for over 50 departments.  
18   Data is entered into each individual workbook and then consolidated to give a top level result. At this level  
19   Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Capital Expenditure reports are available in addition to numerous  
20   management reports pre-defined by the client. Approved data is then exported back to the financials database.  
21   The system allowed excellent management of a huge and diverse budget.  
23   Output Costing System - RAF Strike Command (Defence)      
24   Designed to take existing actual & budget data from Oracle 11i and manipulate that data through a matrix  
25   consisting of cost apportionment and cost allocation tables. The end result produced Profit & Loss reports by force  
26   (ie Tornado, Jaguar, Hercules etc) fully reconciled back to the financials database to ensure data integrity.  
28   Management Information System - AEG Ltd (Leisure)      
29   Excel based system drawing data from several of the clients 'in house' databases and Sage.   
31   We have built several MIS similar to this and all of them require data to be automatically populated into the   
32   clients pre-defined reporting template which can be Excel or Word based. The benfits of such an approach  
33   is that the reporting pack always has the same look and feel and can be automatically updated when external  
34   or linked documents are changed. It is also quick and easy to operate and avoids all the cutting and pasting   
35   associated with manual collation. Excel versions include text boxes which automatically resize to accommodate  
36   the authors comments and ensures a professional finish.