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3   Services                        
5   Excel Experts can provide a vast range of services which are to numerous to list here. Here are some of the more  
6   popular services.  
8   If the service you require is not listed please contact us as we probably have the specialist knowledge and resources  
9   to accommodate your needs.      
11   Consultancy      
12   We will make a comprehensive assessment of the problem or requirement and offer various proposals along with   
13   our recommendations. The client can then make an informed decision on which proposal to implement whilst still  
14   meeting there budgetary obligations and timescale. Excel Experts will then design, build, implement and   
15   distribute the solution.  
17   Design and Build      
18   Excel Experts will design and build singular or multiple workbooks to achieve the objectives set by the client. This   
19   service is particularly useful for consolidations, forecasting, budgeting, automation of repetative & tedious tasks,  
20   mangement information systems and reporting. Advanced VBA programming may be required and is included in  
21   the service.  
23   Data Manipulation, Cleansing, Conversion and Migration      
24   One of themost frequently requested services. We can extract data from most external sources or databases and  
25   manipulate it to the clients requirements. Alternatively the client may simply want us to manipulate existing data to  
26   create a CSV file for migration to another system. Have you ever imported data from another system to find that  
27   it is corrupted by unwanted spaces, # signs or similar? We can help with our data cleansing service.  
29   Spreadsheet Development & Programming      
30   Many clients start building spreadsheets to satisfy a particular requirement but find that they lack the knowledge  
31   or resources to complete the project to a satisfactory level. We are happy to undertake spreadsheet development  
32   work to enable the client to meet the original objective.